Finding the Way to… AI and Your Business

By Ben Dyer


This blog is designed for business leaders from entrepreneurial startups to established enterprises. Our intent is to spark dialog among our subscribers, to answer mutual questions on the challenges of the day, and to define pathways to action. The author’s opinions will be augmented by relevant citations from authoritative sources.


The topic for today and many months to come is Artificial Intelligence.


AI research has a long history, and there are related disciplines like Machine Learning and Data Science. Georgia Tech, for example, has 360 AI researchers in its labs working on a long list of academic and industrial projects. AI burst into public discourse with the launch of ChatGPT in November of last year. It became possible for just about anyone with an interest in technology to experiment with AI applications for home, school, and office.


It is suggested by pundits that “the impact of AI on humanity will be as significant as the Battle of Hastings in 1066, shaping the course of history for generations to come.” If you’re not up to speed on William the Conqueror, here’s your incentive.


In your daily interactions with colleagues, relatives, social friends, children, golfing buddies, Pickle Ball devotees, dog walkers and nearly everyone else you see, chances are the AI topic will arise. I find myself sometimes being asked to host an AI discussion on very short notice, and it’s darn easy to carry on a stimulating conversation that earns high marks from an audience. It’s amazing how many people have at least experimented with one of the popular AI platforms. Your grade school and up children and grandchildren and their teachers are even leading the charge.


Over the summer AI progressed from what were called the “between times” — tinkering — to a serious focus on how it can make your company more profitable and your employees more productive. I’m hearing from corporations who have set up large committees just to systematically harvest everyone’s best suggestions for use cases that have the promise of improving the bottom line. Everyone has gotten the memo that it’s now time to make money from AI.


When writing this, I asked ChatGPT for 10 specific conversation starters, to wit:


1. “How is your organization leveraging AI to enhance customer service and support?”

2. “What AI-driven automation strategies has your company already implemented to streamline business processes?”

3. “Can you share any success stories where AI has improved decision-making in your company or your industry?”

4. “What are the key challenges your company faces when integrating AI into its supply chain management?”

5. “Have you explored AI-powered chatbots or virtual assistants for improving user experiences on your platform?”

6. “In what ways is AI being used to detect and prevent fraud and security breaches within your organization?”

7. “How do you see AI revolutionizing healthcare delivery, and what initiatives has your company undertaken to improve such benefits for your employees?”

8. “What are the intellectual property considerations your company takes into account when developing AI applications for your business?”

9. “Could you discuss in particular the impact of AI on marketing and personalized customer engagement in your industry?”

10. “What aspects of AI do you think will have the most significant and lasting impacts on your business enterprise?”


We can make collectively make this interesting and valuable if you contribute your thoughts, opinions, and questions.


In the meantime, here are some readings I’ve clipped for you enlightenment, including in some cases with their associated ads tagging along.

Why You Soon Won’t Be Able to Avoid AI—At Work or At Home



Ben Dyer is best known as the founding CEO of Peachtree Software and has been responsible for numerous startups in both Atlanta and Austin ranging from technology to financial services. He is currently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the ATDC at Georgia Tech and spent 7 years in starting in 2011 in similar roles at the University of Texas at Austin. He is a prolific writer and has written many hundreds of blog posts on entrepreneurial topics. Among numerous honors, he is a member of the Georgia Technology Hall of Fame.





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