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About The Book

In this fictional account of an entrepreneur’s rollercoaster ride to the top, Cap Treeger crafts a series of dynamic, well-drawn lessons for anyone who wants to start or build a business venture. The hero of the story, Ren, is fired up with ambition and has a dream to build his own startup from the ground up, but he has a lot to learn about how this sector of the business world works. With the advice and guidance of his generous invested mentors, as well as his own encounters with trial and error, he discovers that who he chooses to employ and partner with, and how he engages with them, makes all the difference.

Ren’s journey guides readers through factors necessary for success, including building a solid team with strategic placement of individuals in roles appropriate to their skill sets and crafting the all-important business model.

Book Reviews

“You don't need to be a diehard entrepreneur to enjoy and benefit from Finding the Way. Its compelling lessons, folded into a terrific and heartfelt narrative, may help you manage your own business, and your own life more effectively. They may give you insight into those hyper-driven business starters you know. They will certainly remind you of the value of deep relationships and great mentors. And if you catch the bug yourself, you'll find a roadmap to building a successful business without losing what's most important."

- Alvin Townley, Best-selling New York Times-reviewed Author and Senior Leadership Fellow, US Naval Academy

"Finding the Way is a truly novel take on the traditional business fable. An entertaining read in its own right, the lessons embedded within pack a punch that any aspiring entrepreneur would be well-served to heed. If I have one bone to pick, it would be that I didn't have access to this book ten years ago when I started my first company!"

- M. Andrew McConnell, Founder and CEO of, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Get Out of My Head: Creating Modern Clarity with Stoic Wisdom

“If you're a founder or aspire to be, pick this book up today. You'll live through a ten year story of a real, successful startup in a few hours of reading or listening. You'll gain confidence that you, too, can change the world. And, you'll be more certain of your own success by discovering, alongside the main character, Ren, how to find your own path... For most founders who are experiential learners, this story does more to teach how businesses are really built than an MBA.”

- Lisa Calhoun, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, Founder and Managing Partner of Valor Ventures

“This book is for everyone. Finding the Way is an insightful, humorous, and unique account of the challenges, struggles and setbacks even the most experienced entrepreneurs face. Cap Treeger’s passion for learning, humility, commitment to integrity and wisdom leap off the pages. I could not put this book down. The timeless principles the author outlines provide a clear, concise, and complete roadmap for success in business, philanthropy, relationships and all of life. A must read!”

- Ross Mason, Founder of HINRI, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Co-Founder of Aurora: The Business Forge